Serbs under attack by Muslim Invaders Again

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    Back during the Serbian War with the Muslim invaders, the media twisted the stories and Clinton went to war in order to divert attention away from his sex scandal.

    In that war the Albania Muslims had been illegally invading Kosovo for decades. Then they started to attack, murder, rape and ethnically cleanse the native Serbs from the heart of their homeland - Kosovo. The Serbs said enough is enough and attacked with brutal force. The grant war criminal Bill Clinton ignored the Serbs more legitimate claims and supported the Muslim invaders to appease the Muslims in the M.E. that have oil.

    Just like that war, the Muslim invaders are murdering, rapiing and ethnically cleansing the native Serbians from their homeland. Hope Serbia hits back again and I hope mother Russia takes a much bigger stance like they did witht he break away providences in Georgia. Like Georgia, if Russia steps in Obama will use strong words, but stop at that.

    PhotoBlog - Kosovo Serbs and NATO troops clash in tense north

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