Senate's Ban On Saudi Arabia Coming Into U.S. Trump's Already Making Law!

Discussion in 'Congress' started by JimofPennsylvan, May 18, 2016.

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    The Senate recently passed legislation allowing the families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue the country of Saudi Arabia for civil liability. This is an utter disgrace because it is not fair and significant harm could come from it. The circumstances don't warrant taking away a country's sovereign immunity here; as U.S. Senators you ladies and gentlemen are supposed to be statesman and stateswomen worthy to be on the world stage. You really failed here! It is probably true that money was given from the Saudi Arabia government to ultra-orthadox or fundamentalist Muslim groups in Saudi Arabia and such an organization(s) gave money to Osama Bin Laden al Qaeda organization which carried out the attacks. But that does not mean the Saudi government wanted it, had knowledge of it or joined in on the attack plan. In truth you Senators especially long serving ones know that the Saudi government has long been a great friend of the U.S. dating even back to the first Gulf War allowing non-believer armies such as the US's on holy Saudi Arabia soil the government risking a big confrontation with the strong Muslim cleric authorities. The Saudi's time and time again throughout the years have opened up their oil faucets to increase supply in the oil market to check oil price rises that could have thrown the U.S. and other major regions of the world into recession they did this even though this counter to their economic interests as a member of the Opec Cartel they did this because their friends of America. The facts are that the Saudi Government in 2001 viewed Osama Bin Laden as a persona non grata in Saudi Arabia and the fundamentalist terrorism Osama was fostering and promoting was abhorrent to them because it was a threat to the Saudi Royal Family's hold on power. As Senators you people should have the sophistication to know that the Saudi Royal family's hold on power in Saudi Arabia is tenuous they rule at the approval of the Muslim Cleric leadership in the country if that leadership turns on the House of Saud and calls for ordinary Saudis to bring about their removal from power the House of Saud is through; that is why the Saudi government at the time nicely funded Muslim organization in the country they had to for maintaining political power their was no intent to promote terrorism.

    Moreover, you Senators should have the good sense to know that practically no American jury is going to take the side of the wealthy Saudi Arabia government with its mixed reputation in opposing Islamic terrorism against the super sympathetic victims of 9-11 and their families; there will be no justice for the Saudi government here. The Saudi Government has a really really difficult problem in creating an economy that can support all the young people their country has produced if they don't succeed any person with a good amount of sense knows that the poverty that will likely ensue will create many like 9-11 terrorist attackers, the U.S. government should be trying to help the Saudi government with this problem not put land mines in their path to succeeding on this problem. Good Americans should be flabbergasted that all U.S. Senators would vote for this bill where is these Senators character they are all acting like populist politicians I guess the Trump effect (forget right & wrong concerns do what is popular with the American public) is even corrupting the hallowed halls of the U.S Senate. I look at this disgraceful behavior of the Senate here and believe it compelling calls for term limits in Congress the Constitution should be changed to restrict members of Congress to eighteen years of office maybe that will get you legislators to put making laws which are truly good above helping your efforts to get reelected!

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