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    Perhaps I'll gather some comments as a "lefty naysayer" but I have a feeling the recent work of the Senate Inteligence committee will shortly be coming center stage in the national consciousness.
    Let's start off with the statement of intent June 04 2003
    "As part of its continuing oversight of the U.S. Intelligence Community's activities and programs, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will conduct a thorough review of the documented intelligence underlying the assessments which determined the existence of and the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs."
    This is part of a statement one week later that refines what the committee is going to look at from June 11 2003
    • Gather and evaluate the intelligence underlying pre-war assessments of Iraq's WMD capability and its connections to terrorists groups.
    • Evaluate the reasonableness of the assessments considering the quantity and quality of such intelligence.
    • Evaluate the accuracy of those assessments by comparing them with the results of the ongoing search in Iraq for prohibited weapons and connections to terrorist groups.

    Senator Roberts (republican co-chair) made this statement in reference to the Niger documents (of Wilson/Novak/Tenet fame), in his official capacity on July 11 2003
    “I have seen no documentation that indicates that the CIA had reversed itself after January 17th and prior to the State of the Union. If the CIA had changed its position, it was incumbent on the Director of Central Intelligence to correct the record and bring it to the immediate attention of the President. It appears that he did not.
    This is not the type of responsibility that can be delegated to mid-level officials. The Director of Central Intelligence is the President’s principal advisor on intelligence matters. He should have told the President and it appears that he failed to do so.”
    I'm sorry, that one makes me giggle. Apparently the CIA changed it's position on the Niger Documents and Tenet didn't feel he had to brief Bush. All you folks who "poo-poo" my vast admiration for George Tenet, with that nugget in mind, which one of them do you think is in charge?
    Now for the first question, and it only holds that position because it is what the flap is all about in the Senate Inteligence Committee right now. The dems want to talk to Cheney. They may have some support from the centrist Repubs on the committee. Cheney may have been a bit overzealous with the CIA when it came to Saddams WMDs'. Sen Roberts doesn't want that hanging over GWB in an election, the dems, of course, disagree. I was wondering where everybody stood on questioning Cheney?

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