Senate Republicans Should Be Listened To On Stimulus

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by JimofPennsylvan, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Senate Republic are hitting the nail on the head with their focus on the housing problem in the stimulus bill. America is never going to have an economic recovery until that problem is solved. Housing touches so much employment such as the following types builders, trades people, banking, home appliances retailers, furniture and carpet retailers, etc.. However and this is a big However Republicans need to rework their ideas a little because ordinary Americans can’t digest their proposals in their current form.

    The idea to lower home mortgage interest rates to around four percent on good credit burrowers is an excellent idea. It will move home sales and help get rid of the excess supply of homes for sale and help get the market back to normal. However, it should only apply to mortgages for home purchases. It should definitely, definitely not apply to refinances. Americans know the good your trying to achieve here putting significant amounts of money in homeowners pockets on a monthly basis so they can spend it and stimulate the economy. Nevertheless, this is the big big point that Republican leaders don’t seem to be getting which is that you have to stop coming up with initiatives that provide help to Americans that are heavily weighted toward wealthy Americans, the electorate is primarily made-up of middle class and working people and we are not going to stand for it. This proposal allows eligibility to loans up to $750,000.00, when one sees loans exceeding $500,000.00 one begins to leave the middle class. The bottom line here from a knowledgeable common sense standpoint is that this refinancing initiative will unduly benefit the wealthy therefore the American people will reject it and deem it not even a close call.

    The other idea which has good elements but is not palatable in its present form is this fifteen thousand dollar tax credit for home buyers. The good here is that it is a bold and effective idea which is absolutely needed to reduce the supply of homes for sale in the market. The problem here is that the figure is so large $15, 000.00 it seems to ordinary people that the government is being wasteful is being terrible stewards with the taxpayers money here. One way to make it more palatable is to keep the credit at $15,000.00 for families with middle class incomes but as one leaves that income level phase it down to a $ 10,000.00 tax credit.

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