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    Have you heard the latest news? President Obama's selfie photos have been turned into a video by Donald Trump. This should be a major wake up call for the country (Proverbs 16:30).

    So how did America end up with the most narcissistic, arrogant, self-centered President in United States history? We voted for a leader that was most like us! TWICE!

    America has become the selfie nation. It's all about us! Why else would we vote for a president based on his good looks and charm?

    During the second election, a Hollywood actress who hosted a fundraiser for Obama at her Los Angeles home told him, “You're just so handsome, I cannot even speak properly!” This from a woman who named her child after a piece of fruit (apple). Should we be surprised?

    We the people, have made such people household names by watching their films and buying into the communist utopia they are selling. Hollywood has led the way for the “American Selfie Parade.”

    It is time for Americans to turn off their televisions, their camera phones and say goodbye to the hype of Hollywood. We need to redeem the time we have left. We need to figure out where our nation took a left turn and repent of every wrong decision, every compromise, every sin that has brought us to where we are right now.

    While some self-righteous journalists are adamant about Christians not supporting Donald Trump, we should try to remember that these same journalists had nothing to say when the Supreme Court took the liberty of redefining marriage and subsequently, American law. While an Islamic Jihadist beheaded a worker on the job, none of them wrote about the need to investigate mosques and examine the background of Muslim immigrants living here in America. Where were those journalists then?

    Donald Trump has openly stated that he is against same sex marriage. Donald Trump has stated on record that Islam is in conflict with our constitution and poses a great danger to Christians, our freedom and our way of life. How many televangelists have dared to step into that politically incorrect arena and proclaim the truth?

    For all the pomp and ceremony over Pope Francis, why is it that he never even once has condemned same sex marriage as a sin? Why did the Pope lie to the world the other day and claim that the followers of Islam and the followers of Christianity are “brothers and sisters?” Muslims do not believe Christians and Jews are their brothers and sisters. We're infidels to them.

    Americans are being led like lambs to the slaughter by Communist Globalists who have mapped out a One World Order that will mean the end of our freedom. They have used Hollywood sorcery, community organizing Globalists, a God hating media and Marxist professors to transform America into Sodom and Gomorrah.

    The media celebrates same sex marriage, mass immigration of Syrian refugees mingled with ISIS and gay parades with children. While the mass murder of over 50 million babies and selling their body parts to the highest bidder continues, our President is busy taking selfies in the oval office!

    None of this matters to the liberal media! Oh no! Donald Trump being married more than once is the brimstone raining fire on their parade! That is the big story, folks!

    What hypocrisy!

    There needs to be an American selfie heart examination.
    Attention! Media, politicians, Hollywood, journalists, and fellow selfie citizens!
    Prepare your selfies!

    Here's the caption: God fix me first!

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    This from the party whose hero "Rush Limbaugh" exclaimed "We have the Babe" when he found out Sarah Palin (the knows not and knows not she knows not) was McCain's running mate? Seriously? When many conservatives on this Forum talk about how much more beautiful Republican women are than Democratic women? Me thinks you're in denial......:)

    RUSH: By the way, wait a second. I'm not diminishing any of those things by pointing out that she's a babe.

    CALLER: Oh, no, no, no.

    RUSH: The babe is the icing on the cake aspect, something the Democrats can't claim on their side.

    CALLER: Exactly, especially when the highest Democrat that you can speak of is Mrs. Bill Clinton.

    RUSH: You said it, not I. I just advanced the theory.

    CALLER: Well, I can tell you that Governor Palin doesn't have to lift her chin up to 12 o'clock to get a good photo of her.
    Alaskan: Governor Babe for VP! - The Rush Limbaugh Show

    Considering the many accomplishments of Obama, you really are stretching and petty to start such an ignorant rant about Obama. Don't you wish one of the clowns in the Republican clown candidate van was remotely close to being as smart as Obama?

    A Comprehensive List Of Obama's Accomplishments As First Black President Of The United States of America | Obama
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    Syrian troll farm
    Sexual orientation, abortion and Obama claim too much attention. We know its hypocrisy. What else could it be? But is there a big plan behind it? A one world agenda? For what reason, then? Maybe hyping gays and abortion is all about population reduction. Who knows in the end? Something is evident: It is not about rights. Fuck an ass and you are the big king but be an unborn baby and they grant you not even the right to exist.

    But you will be fooled once again. Give Trump a chance, but you know he is another money bag living far above the people. When you vote the dems, you confirm the system and when you vote the reps, you confirm the system.

    In reality, you have no choice. Obama continued Bushs's agenda and so on. But American election campaigns take long time. A big show. And both parties only differ in what they say. I don't pay any attention to our election craze.

    After all, democracy has no future and if there is a power behind the scenes, it will go down with the democracy, when the parties hold their election give aways. When austerity agendas are due and they will be, people will vote those who promise to spare them, running the country into the final mess. Unlike Greece, nobody can bailout America or Germany and the hunger games will begin.

    The day will come on that the people will realize that there is no alternative to austerity and restraint. The big question is whether this day will lead to socialism or feudalism.

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