Self Deportation

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    I'm not voting for anyone that will not get the illegals out, saying we don't want to break up families. I say they are all related!!!!.. I doubt very much that incest is against the laws in Mexico. If so, it surely isn't enforced. We all know the age of consent for sex there is 12 years old. I guess that's why you will find mostly Latino sex offenders. So for the excuse for not doing anything about the illegals being here, or saying that it cost to much, after this was sent to all USA Gov, all the ones in the senate, and to Bush, by a group of people. It's not enough that our social security has suffered, our jobs, our housing, children, etc. etc!!

    Dear President Bush,

    We are sending this as a request that before you leave office, and an other president comes in that you would make these laws to show Americans that you care for them and not just for outsiders, who has been allowed to come in to the USA and put us Blacks/Whites on the streets literally.

    Example: the year 2004 of December, 2005 of January the Blacks/Whites living in the streets: We lost some to the cold winter! We saw not Mexican/Latinos in the streets. We did see in the food lines Mexican/Latinos before us being taken care of. They shut the door saying
    there is no more food. This is the side you, and the others with an income don't see. We are people too!

    This is our only homeland we have no other, they have a homeland. They don't come here to live as an American. They are proud of their Mexican/Latino heritage waiving their flags, and shaking their fists with actions of looters. You reward their evil act (shooting from the border illegal entry, etc.) with aid for them, which takes from US Citizens.

    Before Oklahoma adopted that law of anyone harboring/hiring, aiding, etc. will lose their house/Apartment/Business to the government, and will be used for housing for Citizens. we were getting letters saying that our monthly $32 would be cut to $25.

    We were told on the phone in so many words that Oklahoma has to many people and not enough money to cover them. When Oklahoma adopted that law. We didn't get cut from the $25 down like the last letter said.

    Our law for any illegal aliens should read: If any illegal alien parents give birth in America, their child is NOT an American DUE TO PARENTS OR PARENT being illegal while in USA. Any marriage in the USA to any illegal alien is not legal, or their children. All children before entering school must prove Citizenship.

    Anyone coming into USA must be able to support themselves, or have a Confirmed job waiting for them here in USA. Anyone getting aid in USA has to prove Citizenship.

    Any unfortunate American jobless, unable to work, homeless should be first because they put their own money into the system. Americans are being robbed of their rights when you give aid to non Americans. This was done in the 60's when Vietnam Vets and also non vets (Americans) put in for business/house loans for 1% interest (they were denied!) They also put their money into the system.

    But you gave loans for business/house for 1% to Vietnam refugees who never put a penny into the system. You befriend aliens and strangers but shun or dishonor your own country's Citizens.

    You can check and verify how many illegal aliens fled from Oklahoma to any other state where they did not have this law. Make this law mandatory for all the USA and they will have “No Where To Run”! Except back to their HOMELAND! This will almost liquefy your border problems.

    We Americans want English only for USA not Spanish/Latino/Mexican. On any Government or State Forms, buildings, banners, etc. Also we want the harboring/hiring, aiding, etc. Laws adopted in before you leave office in November. Letter ended here.

    This was sent with letter along with age of consent for sex and marriage laws.

    Borders, Illegal aliens, English.

    Here are some ideas,and information that might help solve the problems with the borders, Spanish, and not having the funds for getting the illegal aliens out of the USA.

    When Oklahoma past the bill regarding owners of homes, apartments, businesses, etc. would lose them to the government for harboring/hiring them. They fled to other states that didn't implement this bill. How much did this cost American Government/Citizens for their self deportation?

    Harboring/hiring Illegal aliens should be under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. The feds need to make this law/bill for all the USA. Under this law they would again self deport, out of fear like they did in Oklahoma. Again how much would this cost?

    Some consider deportation a great cost. If an illegal alien has no place to live or work, then they will leave and the ones in Mexico won't come here. They come here because they get jobs, money, to buy a car to go back and bring more of their people here. ((“When You Gonna Slam The Door?”))

    Also get housing, and now, they are getting their language. These are powerful incentives to risk breaking our laws to get money to send back to Mexico,etc. Not having to worry about housing, food, learning our language, etc. All that happens is they get sent back or their evil rewarded with Citizenship. You showed them your nothing to fear! They shoot at us from the border, and BUSH wants to give them Citizenship. What's wrong with this picture? If your child thought that way, you would be finding a psychiatrist for him/her.

    Spanish language shouldn't be supplied! For example: “To continue in English press 1.” or if you want to withdraw money from your own account with out getting charged, you have to choose English from the ATM machine or it won't let you do anything. No forms should be in Spanish, English only. America should not be spending extra money to supply other languages.

    Now if the government stops taking from Americans, (housing/hud, etc.) to give it to Illegal aliens. They wont have the need to cross our borders. This will also help stop the terrorist from posing as a Mexican to come here.

    From the beginning Americans spoke English! Other people from other countries come here and learn our ways. They come, they give back to our society. They don't just take, take, take, and not give back. How many of them are incarcerated for child molestation,(having sex with 12 to 14 year olds is Mexican laws) robbery, rape, murder, etc? What's wrong with them that they can't learn English? What's wrong with you that you don't accommodate for the good of the many, but you accommodate for the good of the few?

    Adding to the laws for Citizenship should require: Passing a test at the 11th to 12th grade level to read, write, and comprehend English. So when they get jobs working with the public, they will know what is asked/said and understand.

    By making laws using some of these ideas may:

    1.Stops the companies, schools, government from printing out more, saving paper, resources and money.

    2.Keep us from losing our values, jobs, morals and daughters.

    3.solves the border, deport problems and illegal entry into the USA

    4.Add another block, for the terrorist.

    If you really want them to leave and not cross our borders then stop making it so easy for them and stop making excuses!

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