Self Defense in Tennessee

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    years ago now back when I was like 20 years old.. 8 years ago...
    I was in Humboldt Tennessee, near the Arkansas border with west Memphis, not a long way from Memphis Tennessee..

    I didn't realize just how high crime of an area that really is...
    It really is a fucking war zone.


    I was walking across the field, to go to the walmart because it was nearby, to go pick up some food.
    All of a sudden, I seen 6 black males also in their early 20s.. approaching me from afar.
    I didn't think anything of it... so I kept on walking.

    Its a good thing that I decided a few seconds later, to take a little bit of a gallop... I turn around... now they're running... towards me.

    I happen to have an M4A1 carbine on me in my jacket.

    So I started walking again... I turn around, and they're walking again....

    I Take a little bit of gallop again, and there they are... running towards me again.

    So at that point I knew they were coming at me...

    So I pull out the carbine, and get down one knee, and aim the carbine at the lead runner's chest... and I fire.
    I shot him in the chest, and then I shot another in the knee, stomach and chest.

    These are 5.56mm military bullets from General Dynamics.

    The remaining 4 run off.

    I called the police...
    It turns out, they were part of a Memphis gang, and they have a long criminal record, and they were wanted for murder.

    I got off on self defense.
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    Okolona, KY
    Church shooting in Tennessee on a Sunday...
    1 dead, 7 wounded in Tennessee church shooting
    Sept. 24, 2017 -- One woman died and at least seven others were wounded Sunday in a church shooting near Nashville, Tenn., police said.

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