Secretary Geithner Now An Anarchist?

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    Most people fail to acknowledge that philosophical anarchy requires a concept of "Widespread Wealth Worldwide!' Anarchists, for example, fit the description--not that anyone knows what they know!

    CNN 3/14, in the morning--seems to be reporting that Secretary Geithner is in the U. K., now post-Davos, suggesting G-20 support for a global and international stimulus and bail-out plan. Her majesty's PM has led the way on this matter. The assembled at Davos, including of the former (aboriginie) peoples and governments of the Empire on which the sun never set: Were admonished to a basic concept of "Credit," in our global, world economy.

    The U. S. Ivy League itself: Was not widely reported to be in attendance. Anyone has to guess that many were there.

    Aborigine, Presbyterian, economics is widely famous for the "laizzez-faire." Her Majesty's socialists were at least restrained in their comments about the "others." "Terrorists" and "Enemy Combants" were not once used to describe the recently famous U. S. foreign and economic policies: Widely shown in current events.

    Impoverishment, however, remains the computing trick of choice in the world. Incomes, savings, investments, dividends, interest, and Cost-of-Living Adjustments: Tend to be fixed percentage computed, like in the illustration of the top two servants of Matthew 25::14-30.

    Now, even in America: "Some banks run from the money," is a headline in Los Angeles Times Business Section, 3/14. "It was supposed to be a badge of honor if you were able to get this (U.S. Bail-Out) money, but now it is a badge of honor if you didn't take it."

    "More than 100 banks were approved by federal regulators to get money under the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, and then backed out before getting any. . . ." ". . .a growing number of banks that have received the money now want to give it back."

    Apparently the banks look "weak," aka--none of these federal regulations for them! There is, for example, the federal regulation regarding executive compensation, not to mention--which the article does--the financial disclosure rules.

    Now, what must Secretary Geithner now be proposing? Widespread Wealth Worldwide is not now in place, or apparently on radar: Anytime soon from economic "elite" and "well-educated," and "Harvard Law School" graduates of our time.

    Anyone guesses a different kind of policy. "Lawsuits claim blacks unfairly steered into subprime loans."

    So it does seem that the Spirit of Davos: May be at odds with just how the U. S. Ivy League intends to do business in the world(?). The U. S. NAACP is actually suing. There is also the matter that even the Obamas: Do not appear on the retainer listing.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (What does anyone have to say about the so-much success of education, in our World?!)

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