Second kid commits suicide over bullying. Why? How to solve it?

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    Second kid kills himself by hanging after being bullied multiple times.

    Both families suing schools because they complained several times but the schools did nothing (according to lawsuits).

    I work in a school (teacher) and have little power over student behavior. They are often rude, interrupt, think they are cute, look like girls (little feminized boys with long hair who are pampered by mommy) etc.

    Why did schools lose the power to kick kids out when they aren't exceptionally behaved?

    Or, is it that kids are too soft? Should we encourage kids to fight back?

    What's your opinion on school bullying?

    My opinion is that respect for authority and education begins at home. Too many parents who whine and complain about schools and offer no support. They want kids to behave and take school seriously, until it comes to their own kids.

    Put it this way: When I was a kid and got in trouble at school, I didn't dare go home and tell my parents what happened. I'd get spanked. My father would never take my side over a teacher's. In fact, it was never an issue because I never went home to whine to mommy about what a teacher did to me. If I was punished, humiliated, or missed recess, the last thing I wanted was for my father to find out.

    He'd say, "what the hell did you do to miss recess?"

    That's why I respected my teachers. My father would have tanned my hide if I didn't. He said, "you might get poor grades, but if you do your best, that's all I ask. But you have no excuse to earn anything but an Excellent in citizenship."

    My father was right.

    What do you think?
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