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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Working Man, Mar 15, 2005.

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    I guess it is going to get really ugly with the demise of the US economy and its integrity.. So be it.. The French hate us, the Italians are breaking our colognies (balls), and now them F'n Germans are going to stick it up our poopshoots... Great...

    The Germans think it is a great idea to sell military stuff to CHina.. The Germans must feel that the money will come pouring into their economy if they do. What a bunch of assxxxxx!!! They have one legitimate gripe, if any, and that is we, in the US, have allowed Israel to sell missle technologies to the Chinese for years...(( We should have unloaded Israel a long time ago I agree. )) China's silkworm missles??? Wonder where they learned to make them???

    But, two wrongs don't make a bad situation right.. So, what do we do???

    The Germans are suppose to be a smart people, I doubt it at this point. Either they think the Chinese will trade with them and open up their imports to German goods.. (pretty stupid to think it will happen),, or the Germans figure that they are sick of the US and want to side up with the TRUE super power that is taking shape.. More likely..

    The Chinese are waiting for their momment to jam it up the US's ass.. Making shoes for US department stores for a fraction of a buck/pair is just another way for the Chinese to win the ultimate war against the round eye. The US, and others who exploit the slave/cheeper labor of Asia, have not figured out that the monster is awake and making its plans for attack. That monster is bleeding our economy dry and making us weak. IT is happening slow enough that we don't take action. The US people, and government officials, are retarded. Yes, they are slow in their thinking. The people are being kept in a stupor while the rest of the world is getting into position for the ultimate challenge, and that being the world rise against the US.

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