Scourge: A.I. Decameron [Archangel Comics]

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    This is a capitalism-vignette inspired by the film Mars Attacks! which I chose not to post in the Writing section since it's really a political cartoon (and not a fable or limerick).

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    Scourge surveyed the scene in modern-day Earth. He was a visitor from a faraway planet of all A.I. robots called Cybertron. Scourge, an A.I. robot himself, could transform into a mighty hovercraft with laser-guns. Scourge followed the practices/beliefs of Machiavellianism and espoused absolute martial-law as a form of clear governance. Scourge saw that modern-day humanity on Earth was focused on capitalism and forms of socialization intrigue (e.g., Facebook, OPEC,, ISIS, etc.). He also noticed that a new crime-syndicate in NYC called Black Mask was trafficking narcotics while establishing a black market munitions trade for terrorist groups in Europe and the Middle East.

    Scourge decided to investigate Black Mask and dissect it more or less. He noted that Black Mask despised modern commercial institutions such as Planet Hollywood and Amnesty International. Black Mask believed in piracy and profiteerism and exploiting capitalism for power and adventure (and crime). Scourge also noted that Black Mask was amused at things like eco-pollution and eco-terrorism and criticized the celebrity-managed eco-activism organization the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Leo (DiCaprio) was busy establishing a venture with celebrity Tom Cruise and comics-artist William Gibson called Archangel Comics for an upcoming eco-conscious Captain Planet film.

    Scourge realized that Black Mask would plan some eco-terrorism mischief or even chemical-weapons distribution in the black market as the Captain Planet film was being planned. Distributing chemical-weapons on the black market would fund/arm anti-American terrorists who likewise would want to create 'turbulence' during the marketing of Leo's Captain Planet film. Scourge wondered if he should intercede and do something about this new Black Mask 'scheme.' He resolved to have a small discussion/debate with one of the 'executives' of Black Mask named Randy.

    SCOURGE: What is Black Mask's interest in eco-terrorism, Randy?
    RANDY: My God, you're an A.I. robot! Are you part of the U.S. Army?
    SCOURGE: No, I'm a robot-alien from a faraway planet called Cybertron.
    RANDY: Why are you here on Earth now?
    SCOURGE: I'm analyzing modern trends related to capitalism (and America!).
    RANDY: Well, our organization (Black Mask) is devoted to anarchy and piracy.
    SCOURGE: I surely noticed...
    RANDY: That's our interest in eco-terrorism --- anarchy and subversion.
    SCOURGE: Is Black Mask a 'critic' of capitalism in modern civilization?
    RANDY: Let's just say we're 'pirates.'
    SCOURGE: So, you're not a fan of Leo, Cruise, or Archangel Comics?
    RANDY: We care nothing for this Captain Planet film!
    SCOURGE: Why then are you interested in subverting a 'media-franchise'?
    RANDY: I told you, our intention is subversion.
    SCOURGE: So you choose to 'subvert' a media-operation for the sake of anarchy.
    RANDY: Exactly.
    SCOURGE: It's odd you have little interest in anti-capitalism pedagoguery.
    RANDY: No, we're not socialists.

    Scourge concluded that Black Mask was basically an outfit based on piracy and criminality, not pedagoguery or polemics. Scourge realized that new age capitalism-angst on Earth (e.g., Black Mask corruption) would crystallize into some form of 'social chaos' (not governance-revolution ideology). Scourge decided to destroy Black Mask and prevent the crime-syndicate from disrupting the marketing of Leo DiCaprio's Captain Planet film being produced by Cruise and Gibson's Archangel Comics. Scourge witnessed the rise in popularity of Captain Planet and Archangel Comics and noted to himself, "If humans were robots (like us), then Archangel Comics and Planet Hollywood might be more 'efficiently eco-conscious'." Scourge decided that humanity was more or less 'child-like' and returned to Cybertron with his anthropological report.



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