Schumer/durban unfairly attack ariz. Immig. Law.

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    Arizona law make a woman afraid to report domestic abuse because she
    is afraid of being deported. If she is being abused she and her children should leave here abuser. Is she more concerned about being deported than her and her child’s safety then maybe she should not be here? Many citizens do not report abuse because afraid of the bread winner going to jail. So we do not enforce abuse laws because women are afraid. Not enforce immigration laws because women are afraid to report abuse? Reporting abuse is a choice.

    Schumer told a little story about a man name Salazar who was brought here as a baby, graduated from college with a degree in engineering and could not get a job was deported to Mexico and Obama gave him legalization to come back and he join the military and eventually given citizenship. Russell Pierce said this is an exception that they agree with but do not take this one incident to apply the Dream Act to ALL children brought here illegally. Some are gang member and dealing in drugs and committing crimes and it is crazy to apply the Dream act to them or any one that has not proved themselves like Salazar.

    Then the dress part as racial profiling was attacked. It is a combination that leads to reasonable suspicion as set forth by the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act. (FINA)Hispanic looking, and dress alone, is not sufficient. “How does an illegal alien dress differently”? If you live in Arizona you know.

    Schumer/Durman did not discuss want to discuss immigration with Arizona when they were asking for a discussion before the law was pass so why now? To try an demonize the law.

    Then Durman cited an incident when a citizen was deported after turned over to ICE. Arizona do not deport. ICE make that decision. It was the citizens own fault because everyone over the age of 18 is required to carry identification. There is over 51 documents that can be used and they should have at least one. I keep an identification, medical history and medications on my person at all times to protect me in case of an accident and I am unconscious.

    They attacked why no one but Pierce was at the discussion. Kyle and the other know it would be a circus act and when they wanted to talk these people did not want to talk. They wanted say is was a sign they did not agree with the law. Pierce effective defended the law as mirror the FINA.

    Doesn’t matter that crossings are down and some of leaving it is not enough because the problem is here and has been here for years. There was no discussion about drug cartel setting up shop in Arizona, etc

    They accuse the law of racial profiling and discriminating and attacking children if they don’t have identification which is not true. Arizona immigration law to not demonize Latinos but Schumer and Durban demonize Americans that are doing the job the feds should be doing. FINA racial profile and discriminate against Latinos more then the Arizona law because they are in charge of deportations.

    Russell Pierce stood his ground and stood up for Americans. More than could be said about Schumer and Durban who stood up for Illegal Aliens. Alone with Obama, DOJ, ACLU and La Raza. State and local official do have a limited part in enforcement. They arrest and then turn over to ICE who make the hard decisions and sometime they just let them go making state’s job harder.

    Schumer/Durban do not live in Arizona and not visited Maricopa, Pinal country and the border because they are afraid. Obama and other have visited Afghanistan and Iraq but not Arizona border?

    Arizona has been turned into a s*** hole by Illegal Aliens and drug cartels and tourism is down because of them. I have not visited my family in Arizona for 30 years because I is not safe. My family carry guns and have bars on their homes. No parts of Arizona is safe and there are signs in some area stating it. Illegal aliens have make most of this country unsafe.

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