School Uniform Debate: Trump-Clinton Brimstone (CNN)

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    This is a mock-debate between Senator Hillary Clinton and U.S. President Donald Trump regarding the sociopolitical weight of school uniform policy evaluations in this new age of 'aesthetics-driven' consumerism-culture (i.e., Facebook, Wall Street, eTrade,, Wikipedia, etc., etc.).

    Does consumerism (in general) remind you of the early days of the American Revolution?

    I know Clinton is Secretary of State, but I chose to make this debate more anachronistic by referring back to her days as a Senator --- to make the debate feel more 'contentious.'



    As Democratic U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, wife of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, prepared to debate with U.S. President Donald Trump about the issue of school uniform policy in American schools (on national radio), the CNN executives anticipated very high ratings. It was CNN-Radio after all which would host the Friday night event which would signal to the world that commerce-centric America still cared about education and civil matters. President Trump was dealing with global criticisms about the U.S. government being too preoccupied with economics to care anymore about economics and religion and culture. The debate promised to be stimulating.


    CLINTON: The Democratic Party is the color blue, because we're 'cool.'
    TRUMP: The Republican Party is red, because we're passionate about society.
    CLINTON: Democrats want to understand the social value of blue school uniforms.
    TRUMP: Republicans want to understand the political value of red school uniforms.
    CLINTON: Education is a branch of civilization that requires guidance.
    TRUMP: Education requires strict adherence to sociocultural norms.
    CLINTON: Students don't want to wear uniforms, because they feel 'claustrophobic.'
    TRUMP: Fashion/trend is a detriment to the classroom, and uniforms create diligence!
    CLINTON: Democrats want to praise school uniforms only when they foster intellect.
    TRUMP: You can't talk too much about civil liberties in the classroom.
    CLINTON: Why not?
    TRUMP: The classroom is not a pulpit for political dialogue; it's meant for education.
    CLINTON: Democrats want students to feel like they're training for the adult-world.
    TRUMP: Schools are not dollhouses or training-grounds; they're places of study.
    CLINTON: We don't want school uniform debates to stir up Church vs. State issues!
    TRUMP: Republicans appreciate the modern interest in separating church and state...
    CLINTON: Why then won't Republicans heed the Democrats' cry for liberal education dialogue?
    TRUMP: What do the Democrats want, liberal discussions about pornography in the classroom?
    CLINTON: Mr. President, as a former casino-owner, you know the value of consumerism.
    TRUMP: Yes, but I don't see the 'wisdom' of linking consumerism-evaluation with education.
    CLINTON: Democrats believe multi-media in the classroom prepares students for capitalism.
    TRUMP: Republicans understand that tech-toys reflect consumerism avenues (e.g., eBay).
    CLINTON: That's why we Democrats endorse liberal evaluations of 'lifestyle aesthetics.'
    TRUMP: We Republicans think analyses of classroom-consciousness should remain austere.
    CLINTON: In a changing world, we have to blend society-imagination with education-norms.
    TRUMP: Tampering education with ideas about art can be very dangerous, Senator!


    After this first part of the CNN-Radio debate between Senator Clinton and President Trump about the norms, values, and even 'aesthetics' of school uniform policy evaluation in the 'modern classroom,' both politicians were given a break to drink water, refresh, and prepare themselves for the second portion of the program. Senator Clinton was pleased with how she was able to voice the Democrats' more liberal concern over education-policy analysis relevant to new age sociopolitical consciousness. President Trump was pleased with how he was able to echo the Republicans' more conservative concern over education-standards relevant to modern sociopolitical controversies and tremors.


    CLINTON: Mr. President, I think the first portion of our debate/discussion was stirring.
    TRUMP: I agree...
    CLINTON: Are you a fan of Captain America (Marvel Comics)?
    TRUMP: I like patriotic folklore, sure.
    CLINTON: Well, Captain America represents open-dialogue about sociopolitical ideals.
    TRUMP: Captain America is a fictional comic book superhero; an 'avatar.'
    CLINTON: Captain America is a society art totem symbolic of American values.
    TRUMP: Alright, Captain America has a colorful costume and what?
    CLINTON: You don't see 'idealism avatars' in fascist/communist states.
    TRUMP: Are you implying that the Republican Party is guilty of some form of McCarthyism?
    CLINTON: I'm merely implying that the Republicans' closed-stance on reform is stifling!
    TRUMP: Stifling? It seems to me that Democrats threaten the security of traditions.
    CLINTON: We mustn't confuse tradition-comforts with dogma-apathy.
    TRUMP: Republicans believe school uniforms must symbolize American views on tradition.
    CLINTON: Democrats insist that new age school uniform policy debates reflect consumerism.
    TRUMP: Consumerism is not a 'revolution,' Senator.
    CLINTON: Consumerism does compel Americans to re-evaluate etiquette (e.g., Facebook).
    TRUMP: I can concede that conveniences in modern society promote 'vitality dialogue.'
    CLINTON: Americans make the best toys in the world (Hasbro, Mattel, Fisher-Price).
    TRUMP: Yes, but what does that have to do with school uniform policy reforms?
    CLINTON: Americans care about the links between imagination and culture, Mr. President.
    TRUMP: It seems you Democrats want to libel me as a 'salesman' since I was a casino-mogul.
    CLINTON: No; you're not the first Republican celebrity-president, Mr. Trump.
    TRUMP: Why then do you insist that school uniform policy evaluations must be more 'chic'?
    CLINTON: We Democrats believe that modern politicians must be 'wed' to culture!
    TRUMP: Republicans have maintained the social value of separating politics from gossip.
    CLINTON: Let us at least agree that school uniform policy evaluations can be more bipartisan.
    TRUMP: Alright; I concede that Democrats have interesting things to say about 'American art.'
    CLINTON: In that case, we Democrats will assert that Republicans love Captain America!
    TRUMP: Sure; Captain America is a 'paragon' of American aesthetics...and inventiveness.


    After the CNN-Radio debate between Clinton and Trump concluded, millions of listeners called in and tweeted about their views on what went on during the interesting discussion. Senator Clinton clearly outlined why the Democratic Party was devoted to modern sociopolitical issues regarding the linking of politics to culture and how school uniform policy evaluations represented serious American meditation on 'lifestyle reform.' President Trump clearly expressed why the Republican Party was focused on the value of separating politics from fashion and how school uniform policy evaluations represented intriguing American ideas regarding 'societal prestige.' The two iconic modern-day American politicians seemed to agree about the 'general social nature' of new age sociopolitical 'philosophy.' Many listeners of the CNN-Radio program tweeted wondering what Clinton and Trump would have to say about consumerism-philosophy 'hot-topics' such as the sale of nonviolence-promotional toy water-guns to American kids. Everyone agreed that night that changing society required more imaginative discussions about 'aesthetics.'


    Would Clinton and Trump debate over some hot topic again? Would such a debate once again raise intriguing issues regarding the impact of consumerism-consciousness on modern American society? Meanwhile, the Trump Administration continued to negotiate key commerce-oriented treaties between South Korea and North Korea regarding the marketing of Samsung consumer-electronics. It was a consumerism-oriented modern civilization, and the 'winners' of this 'contest' would have to be more attentive to the needs of everyday 'imagineers'.



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    My kids had a green plaid....saved time getting ready for school, except for the days we forgot the sweaters.

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