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    my last year was in 2005. a lot of school get over croweded and don't have enough room to take all students. i know my high school had two towns coming to my high school for them to learn.

    In 11th 12th grade it was up to kids to decide which local schools they wanted to go to i believe there were two/three choices.

    The other thing in elmetry school i was bullied and pick on. Maybe somewhat in Middle school. But once i got to high school there were people to pretend to be friends with me.

    And other are true friends of mine. sad part is that teachers and classes fall behind and repeat what they learn last year.

    that is the problem. as for field trips i was part of the ffa i got a bunch of cerficates and awards i show you in a minute.





    the last picture i work extra hard to pass the class i collected most can goods and i also won free sub and ice cream.

    Some of the ffa cerficates are for being a corp like setting things up for mettings getting chair line up open door meeting new people etc...
    the other one was passing the greenhandbook.
    Another one was improving myself through the year

    the other things i got are certificates from baberuth for being patch umpire.

    So what you all think?

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