Sb1070 do not target 'americans'

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    do not target “Americans” it target illegal alien who happen to be brown. And if you are “brown” and is in this country illegally you should live in fear because illegal immigration is a crime, a federal crime punishable with deportation and if a second offender subject to jail time and or a fine. And you should be afraid, very afraid.

    I am brown and I have no fear of being stopped by a police for running a red light because I am an brown American and I when I am asked by my drivers license (papers) I take them out of my wallet and show them and I am on my way after receiving a ticket. If you are ‘brown’ and in the country illegally and driving a car and don’t have drivers license (papers) cannot speak English and have no identification it is reasonable suspicion that you are illegal and the law say police are required to turn you over to ICE for investigation and possible deportation is found to be in the country illegally. But Obama has ignored that law and has advised ICE to stop deporting illegal alien unless they are convicted violent criminals. The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act do not make a distinction between hard working Illegal Aliens and convicted criminals. They are all illegal and deportable. If Obama is not going to enforce the law of this country he needs to be replaced with someone who will.

    I am brown and I do not fear racial profiling or being stopped by a police on a traffic violation and asked for my papers (drivers license), I fear Illegal Aliens that are killing and raping Americans, smuggling and dealing in drugs, taking jobs and lowering wages that are destroying American families. White and brown. Illegal Aliens have destroyed my home town, Eloy, Pinal Country Arizona. Thank you Gov. Brewer and Sheriff Joe for trying to make my home safe for me and others Americans. For doing the job Obama was hired to do but refuse to do because he can see no farther than brown votes and cheap labor for businesses that make campaign donations.

    Even if SB10 allows Sheriff Joe to turn suspected Illegal Aliens over to ICE for investigation and deportation, Obama has ordered ICE to stop deportation and release them back on the streets, unless the suspect is a convicted violent criminals. Illegal immigration is a federal crime per the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act.

    Racial profiling has always been a effective tool in catching suspected criminals especially if the suspected criminal is white or brown.

    Obama believe the only way to fix illegal immigration and deal with the 12 million Illegal Aliens already here is to put them on a path to citizenship and stop deportations and he is wrong and the 1986 amnesty proves he is wrong. Amnesty begets amnesty.

    Hard working Illegal Aliens are a threat to America and Americans because they take jobs and lower wages of Americans and they kill and rape American and their children, they smuggle and deal drugs to our children and Hispanic gangs are holding American hostage in their own homes. And Obama say this is “right thing to do” for America and Americans.

    All Americans DO carry identifications. Schools require students to carry photo identifications. Drivers are required to carry driver’s license. Carrying identifications is a safety net. I carry a photo identification on me at all times because in case of an accident and I cannot speak for my self my identification speaks for me. My medical history is on file in the hospital. Anyone that oppose photo identification has a dog in the race and he is “up to not good.” Every one in the country should be required to carry a photo identification and finger print in a national data base. It is a safety net and we have evolved to that requirement.
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