Saudis Reject Call for Inspections

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    Hopefully Saudi Arabia is next on the Pentagon's list...

    AP: Saudis Reject Call for Inspections
    By GEORGE JAHN, Associated Press Writer

    VIENNA, Austria - Saudi Arabia is defying the United States, the European Union and Australia by resisting U.N. efforts to verify that it has no nuclear assets worth inspecting, according to a confidential EU document obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday.

    There is little concern the Saudis are trying to make nuclear arms, but Riyadh's resistance to inspections adds another worry for a top-level meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency this week that is focusing on North Korea and Iran.;_ylu=X3oDMTA2NzN0azRvBHNlYwN3bA--
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    pc...they have been on this list along time now...politicians always seem to get in the way...sigh
    I say nuke em all,Saudi Arabia,Syria,Iran. too include Venezuela and Columbia..
    Whatever happened to all the money we sunk into the Neutron Bomb...why do we have these weapons anyway...they cost a hellava lot of money and just sit and gather for N/Korea...well just send em a hellava lot of ping pong balls...they will entertain themselves! :huddle:

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