*Saudi Kings Paid For Obama's Harvard Degree*

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    Sorry bout that,

    2. Obama is *PISS BOY* secretly for the Saudi Kingdom folks.
    3. Manchurian Candidate rings a bell, Madonna just came out and exposed him as a muslim too.
    4. Surely the *Piss Boy Media* will have to report on this!
    5. LINK:Libertarian Republican: Evidence emerges Obama's entry into Harvard may have been funded by the Saudis

    "Small-town Montana newspaperman, uncovers link from Valerie Jarrett's father to a a top Saudi Royal family aide wanting to assist young Muslim men in America

    From Eric Dondero:

    This story is just breaking. No doubt there will be more revelations in the coming days.

    Bloggers and others mostly on the Right have often wondered how it was self-described "slacker" and Choom Gang pothead Obama got into such prestigious universities like Harvard. A little affirmative action, matched with a sizable contribution from a Saudi oil prince perhaps?

    Meet Frank Miele. He's the editor for a small-town Montana newspaper called Daily Interlake. The paper serves the heavy fish and game area of Kalispell/Whitefish northwest Montana near Missoula. Frank's got an interesting hobby. He explains in his local column posted on Saturday, "Does 1979 newspaper column shed light on 2008 campaign story?":
    Searching old newspapers is one of my favorite pastimes, and I have tried to use them many times to shed light on current events — or to inform readers about how the past is prologue to our very interesting present-day quandaries.

    Recently, I came across a syndicated column from November 1979 that seemed to point 30 years into the future toward an obscure campaign issue that arose briefly in the 2008 presidential campaign.
    The resulting story is rather intricate. But in a nutshell, Valerie Jarrett's father, Vernon Jarrett, had a very likely connection to a man named Khalid al-Mansour, from Texas. Mansour was a close advisor to the Saudi Royal family. Another man, Percy Sutton, who was friends with Jarrett, was also close to Mansour, and wrote a letter of recommendation to Harvard on Obama's behalf.

    Did Obama benefit from an affirmative action program for Black Muslims?

    The smoking gun has just been discovered by Miele's old newspaper search; an obscure article written from 1979 by a Chicago newsman, that appears to have been syndicated. Miele:
    The column itself had appeared in the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Evening Independent of Nov. 6, but it was the work of a veteran newspaperman who at the time was working for the prestigious Chicago Tribune and whose work was syndicated nationally.

    So far as I know, this 1979 column has not previously been brought to light, but it certainly should be because it broke some very interesting news about the “rumored billions of dollars the oil-rich Arab nations are supposed to unload on American black leaders and minority institutions.” The columnist quoted a black San Francisco lawyer who said, “It’s not just a rumor. Aid will come from some of the Arab states.”

    6. More at link, seriously take a look, read every word.....
    7. Ahhhh,...nice find from A........thanks......

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    A member of the same family owns the second largest share of FOX News after Murdoch.

    I'm always told what they want to do with their money is their business.

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