Sarkozy arrested for dummies: parallel script to imminent Obama handcuffed on live TV

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    France: Ex-president Sarkozy arrested for dummies: parallel script to imminent Obama handcuffed on live TV
    July 7, 2014: premiere for governors of EU states (still called presidents or prime-ministers, not to mention a few kings): former "president" Sarkozy "arrested".
    This illuminati joke is part of the parallel script "Obama arrested on live TV", the start of the BIG BANG, that includes the supervised race war.
    How the race war starts: it ranges from genocide of ethnic russians and jews in the Ukraine (already ongoing) to genocide of non-whites and jews in the USA, EU, Canada, Australia.
    BIG BANG starts as soon as the ukrainian freedom fighters will be annihilated.

    2014, Jul 7: Nicolas Sarkozy arrested over corruption allegations linked to L'Oréal heiress case

    2014, Jul 7: Obama acting to set the stage for the race war. Example of the day:
    Language was removed that would have required all companies to consider qualified U.S. workers before foreign workers are hired.

    2009 Jan, Sarkozy acting the same way as actor Obama now: pretending to defend ethnic minorities, in fact setting the stage for the race war:
    Recently Nicolas Sarkozy announced plans to pursue a vigorous policy of diversity and métissage. Concretely, this means giving preference to minorities in job hiring and prosecuting those who do not comply. In other words, affirmative action as a government policy from which none are exempt.
    In his message Sarkozy insisted that the French people must change, that there will be dire consequences if they don't, and that not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country. Thus he amalgamated the concepts of preference for minorities in job hiring with that of the need for the French to intermarry racially.
    These are two separate things. But in the mind of Sarkozy they go together.

    2007, Dec: Sarkozy acting as drunk

    Talk of parallel scripts and "Obama arrested":
    Reminder of what happens the day after Obama Bin Laden resurfaces in video standing by the Malaysian Airlines missing Boeing 777:
    the theater act "Obama arrested **LIVE** on TV with senate and congress members as background".
    A remake of North Korea great leader Kim Jong Un's uncle arrest:

    Why the emergence of armed resisters in Slovyansk caused panic in the illuminati.
    Immediate consequence: Grand Master postponed start of the BIG BANG, the resurrection of Osama Bin Laden attached to a Boeing 777 and a mini-nuke or bio-weapon, Jerusalem

    Illuminati theater: fake arrests, sieges, asylums, executions
    Examples of illuminati puppet governments "persecuting" and "protecting" illuminati actors (updated).

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