Santorum's SLIMBALL MI tactic getting used in IL

Discussion in 'Politics' started by GHook93, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Yesterday when I stopped by my parent's house the phone rank and it was a robocall from the Santorum campaign. It didn't display his stance on issues or how he could beat Obama, rather it talked about him being the antiRomney candidate.

    My parent's might be very successful, but they always vote for the Democrats. In IL, you don't register as a Democrat or Republican, but there are ways (and lists to for campaigns to buy) that allows candidates to target Democrat (or Republican) voters. Again my parents are hopeless lefties and would never vote for a Republican.

    This call was targeted SOLELY at Democrats. However, it wasn't to bring them over to the Santorum camp as supporters. Meaning he didn't try to say "I know we have differences, but the issues that matter most to you (such as the economy or the deficit), I am right on here is what I believe, join me." That would have been respectable. But that isn't what he did. Rather he knows Democrats fear Romney the most and Santorum the least (going against Obama that is). Ask any Democrat and they pray that Santorum wins over Romney Gingrich or Paul. So Santorum is playing off that fear and getting them to vote for him as a way to prevent Romney from making it to the generals against Obama! This is the only way he can compete in liberal IL!

    It is a sleazy tactic!

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