Sandy, Barack & Mitt

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    Sandy, Barack and Mitt

    It's not the usual story of two guys chasing a girl. It's more a girl chasing two guys. Politicians don't like uncertainty and Hurricane Sandy is injecting quite a bit of it into the campaign right now. Here are some of the factors, but which ones will weigh the most is hard to say. In any event, Sandy is certainly going to cause disruptions in North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, and probably Ohio.

    •Rallies in some states have been canceled
    •The news is going to all storm all the time, drowning out the candidates
    •Obama will have to curtail campaigning and deal with the storm, which could help or hurt him
    •If bad conditions persist, turnout before and on election day could be reduced
    •Lower turnout means the early votes (which strongly favor Obama) will be a larger percentage of the total
    •If poll workers are unable to get to the polls, some precincts may be closed or understaffed, leading to chaos
    •Voting machines and optical scanners may be without power on election day
    •If power is out on election day, people may have to vote by candlelight

    The bottom line is that no one really knows on who's side Sandy is. There are too many unknowns, starting with how badly hit North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, and Ohio are and whether power is lost in a lot of places. Here is another take on the storm and the election.

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