Saltwater Jerms Are Special(?) (Productivity(?)!)

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    Possibly in a shameless appeal to make the mandatory, national funding of private insurance companies somehow Kosher--and get Mormons allowed into the Ivy League, all at the same time--Senator Orrin Hatch, on Sunday morning CNN, suggested that 50 state "experiments' be created to apparently test whether or not aspirin could be successfully delivered without involving Hispanic Illegals.

    The Ivy League Is Like This, even without anyone having to be enrolled! Senator Hatch pointed out that HillaryCare was 1300 pages, as opposed to ObamaCare, which is 1600 pages, and just in Committee.

    Someone liberal did point out that Medicare actually has a 4% overhead, whereas private insurance is closer to 30% and 40% and with profits on the increase.

    Anyone guesses who actually is intended to benefit from Mandatory National Health Insurance, from the private sector. Anyone suspects that both parties have something more Israeli in mind, of benefit to all of Palestine in our world, of America!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Law School does this to people!)

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