SAF and LJM: Who is mistaken?

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    The Sudanese Army reiterated Friday that has ambushed armed men ready to launch rockets on Al-Fashir, stressing that the incident does not affect its commitment to the peace agreement.

    Liberation and Justice Movement which signed a peace deal with the Sudanese government said the troops attacked are LJM troops who were not expected to be attacked by the Sudanese Armed Forces because the two sides have signed cease-fire agreement.

    North Darfur Governor said several citizens have notified of the sources of the shelling, the exact location in which Liberation and Equality Movement force was concentrating.

    Apart from the running investigations conducted by the Ministry of Defence, let's shed some lights on the incidents to know who was mistaken?

    The Army and the LJm troops can overcome the incidents by sticking to the security arrangements to avoid such frictions. But such incidents are normal and cannot be taken as intended or reckless act.

    It's the Liberation and Justice Movement's mistake. The movement hasn't stationed in the agreed upon place, nor notified the Army of its new place.

    The force hasn't respected the agreement, so it was impossible for the Army which operates in complicated situations to be lenient and to waste its time in identifying rebel or non rebel groups.

    In statement to Sudan TV, the Spokesman of the Army, Col Asawarmi Khalid Saad said the Army has attacked the force when it received information that the force in involved in the repeated shillings on Al Fashir and seized rockets ready to launch.

    The Military spokesman has issued statement on Friday asserting that the incident can be addressed through the spirit of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD), the security arrangements, the cease-fire commission and mutual trust between the parties to the Agreement.

    "We confirm that this incident will not affect the Doha agreement or undermine our purposes and goals to achieve peace in Darfur," he stressed.

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