Sacred- Native American poem

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    They came from the north, the south, and the east.
    Begging to partake in forgiving feast.
    Went back on their word, running us dead.
    Skinning our young, streams run red.

    Chasing us from our holy lands
    Slitting our necks, split up our clans
    Whipping our old with switch and rod.
    Please help us, O’ Eagle God

    They take our crops, eat our venison
    Your rats poison our women and men
    Blood and toil, no place to run
    Pride blown apart by the white man’s gun

    Convert our belief, Jesus save us,
    Don’t let the chains of promise, break with rust
    Our life written in the stones and trees.
    Live in honor, commit righteous deeds.

    You push us farther west from our home
    Kill all our game; O’ no more buffalo roam.
    Called us devils, steal our wives,
    Stab us with your sinful knives

    We fight for peace, no way of knowing,
    Up the river of Eden, forever rowing
    They will win, our belief gone
    The dead bathe in blood, Apache St.John.


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