Ryan Not One Word On Pro-Tarp Deficit Creating,l And On And On!

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    Thanks to the Governor Romney choice of Paul Ryan For VP Pick, then the Bush Administration is back in play as legitimate fare for the Democrats! Rep. Paul Ryan is one of those. He was pro-TARP bailout of only rich bankers in America!

    Pro-TARP, Pro-Bailout, Pro-Stimulus Romney/Ryan Ticket - fidlertenplace.com | fidlertenplace.com

    In fact, many can credit Rep. Ryan with all kinds of Bush-Cheney atrocities. No new ideas were presented.

    One thing certain is that all Republicans, supportive of Romney with a Paul Ryan: Want the election to be a referendum on Bush-Cheney, again! Anyone can ask if they support a Bush-Cheney holdover, for Vice-President!

    Or something. Ryan offered no solutions to anything, already de-clawed as any kind of animall, on any kind of attack on Obama-Biden!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!'
    (Many Likely Doing Something Else Instead, At Any Rate!)

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