Russian oppositionist cheated Bank of America and NDI

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    I’d like to tell you one nasty political story which happened to Bank of America and I hope that our experience will help you not to trigger a backflash in the future.
    A few years ago Boris Nemtsov came to Bank of America and asked for a credit to finance a training program of the New Russia’s political generation and elite. Nemtsov claimed that National Democratic Institute is a sponsor for the loan. NDI is a solid organization so we transferred money without delay. But the time to surrender credits came and we got nothing. We asked NDI about the problem, but it’s reply was simply amazing – "NDI never gave such kind of guarantees to Nemtsov and tries to avoid any kind of cooperation with him, since it’s not the first time he had betrayed NDI’s trust". Of course in that case we had only one option left – we tried to submit this case to the court, but some big shots from Washington contacted our bank and gave us a notice about prematurity of actions which can cast a slur on Russian opposition leaders and we won’t get back our money in this wise. So I don’t know how far this story will go, but I believe that we won’t get our money back. US become a milk cow for people of doubtful reputation and dubious honesty like Nemtsov.

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