Russian Duma to link missile defense to START limitations?

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    *shrugs*, apparently the Duma is having an issue with the preamble language as it applies to Missile defense, in that they see it or want it see it as part and parcel of any binding agreement........I don't know how trust worthy the site below is, but, the Duma is 'responsive' to Putin and Medvedev. If the Duma has a problem with it, it is because they have been told to have a problem with it.

    Russia insists on offensive/defensive link in START

    The State Duma (the lower house of the Russian parliament) plans to confirm the link between the reduction of the strategic offensive arms and the restriction of antimissile defense systems’ deployment in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), signed between the US and Russia, Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the Duma Committee on International Affairs says.

    "During the ratification of START in the US Congress the American lawmakers noted that the link between strategic offensive armed forces and antimissile defense systems is not juridically binding for the parties. They referred to the fact that this link was fixed only in the preamble of the document. Such an approach can be regarded as the US’ attempt to find an option to build up its strategic potential and the Russian lawmakers cannot agree with this," Kosachev says.


    The Russian lawmakers insist that all the chapters of the treaty including the preamble are legally binding, which is a common norm of international law. It is not lawful to take certain provisions and to give them unilateral interpretations like the American senators do, Alexei Arbatov, a member of the Carnegie Scientific Council, says.

    rest at-
    Russia insists on offensive/defensive link in START: Voice of Russia

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