Russia joined WTO: is it good or no?

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    The short-term, immediate impact of Russia’s accession to the WTO is relatively minor. It is just like minor concessions made at the final stage of the negotiations, compared to the concessions made steadily over the course of the entire 12 years.

    The sectors to suffer most will be pig farming, dairy and cheese production, as well as the manufacture of trucks and buses.

    Accession to the WTO guarantees that Russia will not defend its market and its producers, and this is important for major foreign exporters, especially for global corporations. That is why they strongly supported the liberal fundamentalists.

    But the most important factor in the WTO is the regulation of trade disputes. Lower energy costs than in developed countries can, in principle, be considered as subsidies for domestic producers, after which they will have to pay fines not only on foreign, but also on domestic markets. As a result, Russian fertilizers will be priced out of the competition not only abroad but also in Russia – and although foreign fertilizers are cheaper, they will not be affordable for Russian farmers.

    Detailed analysis and additional arguments in an article published on the

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