Russia arrests wanted Chechen rebel

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    Russia arrests wanted Chechen rebel (see video at link above)

    One of Russia's most wanted men has reportedly been captured by police in Siberia. Authorities have been hunting Rizvan Azayev for years in connection with a series of attacks against Russian troops operating in Chechnya. It is reported the 26-year-old was found in possession of false identity papers and extremist Islamic literature. The arrest comes a day after one of the bloodiest guerrilla attacks in Chechnya for months. At least 15 people, mostly police officers, were killed and up to 20 others wounded when insurgents ambushed an armoured police carrier in a village north of Grozny. Chechen security officials say the attackers lured officers to the scene by firing at a corpse left in a stolen vehicle. When the troops arrived, the bomb went off. In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded tighter controls along Chechnya's border with ex-Soviet states in the south Caucasus. The Moscow-backed Chechen president accused rebel warlord Shamil Basayev of ordering the attack, but his forces deny being involved.

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