Russia and Italy: Important steps toward common defense and stability

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    In the new Russia, Italy sees a sound political and economic partner, having given a careful reading of the socio-political events in Russia, accurately interpreting Russia’s complex geopolitical spheres of interest. interview with Bruno Sergi, contract professor of Institutional Economics in the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Messina.

    How do you assess the state of economic cooperation between Russia and Italy? Gazprom and Eni signed a new cooperation agreement during Medvedev’s visit.

    Cooperation between Eni and Gazprom, especially Eni’s role in the prospective Southstream project is extraordinary in two respects. Economically, this pipeline is the only realistic and feasible route by which Europe can transport natural gas from Russia (leaving aside Northstream), while the Nabucco project was and remains inconsistent or rather conflicts with our economic interests. Politically, Italy’s choice to engage in this joint venture in the energy sector (also increasing cooperation in aviation and other industries) was and is an honest policy that, inter alia, aims to reinforce political and diplomatic relationships, strengthen economic and trade cooperation, forge energy infrastructure connections and strengthen scientific collaboration. Considering the profound similarities in ideas and convergence of interests, Italy and Russia could even achieve more, with the aim to interconnect our know-how and resources dynamically and competitively, in such a way that means they can be implemented with speed and decision by either party.

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