Rush Drinking Game

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Hobbit, Aug 18, 2004.

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    I don't drink, but after listening to Rush for quite some time, I've found that it's pretty easy to make up a drinking game about it.

    One shot for every time he says, "Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have."

    One shot for every time he doesn't get to say, "We'll be right back," before he gets cut off.

    One shot for every time he stops talking to laugh hysterically.

    One shot for every time he says, "I know these people better than I know every inch of my naked body."

    One shot for every time he says, "these people," while you can hear papers angrily being rustled in the background.

    One shot for every 4 times he says, "these people," in any context.

    One shot for every time he says, " formerly nicotine stained fingers."

    One shot for every time he mentions Ted Kennedy or Tom Daschel.

    One shot every time he mentions the reason he got fired by ESPN.

    One shot for every time he mentions, "The Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies."

    WARNING!: Do not play for the entire three hours. You will die.

    Coming soon: The Radio Factor drinking game.
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    ,; Glenn Beck drinking game (not as cool, but l'll give it a try)

    "How ya doin', ya sick freak?" " : 1 drink

    "... I'm just a recovering alcoholic d.j.": 1 drink

    lounge music plays when he percieves a female caller is hitting on him: 3 drinks

    followed by "...but I'm happily married." : 5 drinks

    "GET OFF MY PHONE!!": chug

    Glen makes confusing sports analogy: drink a beer while Stew chastises him and they straighten it out.

    "I'm not one to pass judgements, but he's/she's/they're going to HELL!" 5 drinks

    Glenn tells you to get out the duct tape because your head is going to explode: 2 drinks

    "It's just another isolated incedent" routine: drink during each incedent described.

    "...for Pete's sake": 1 drink

    Glenn plugs something from the web store: 2 drinks

    Glenn does something completely crazy and fools you into thinking he is serious, only to reveal later that he is just illustrating a moral/logical lesson: six-pack

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