Run, Ronnie, Run!

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    This is a movie done by the same people that did the TV show Mr. Show I mentioned earlier. While it has a somewhat nonlinear storyline, it follows one story with some interruptions along the way that tie into the story.

    The movie follows Ronnie Dobbs (David Cross), a white trash loser living in Georgia. Ronnie has an odd claim to fame, as he has appeared on the Cops-esque show 'Fuzz' more times than anyone else in America. This catches the eye of producer Terry Twiddlestein (Bob Odenkirk) who brings Ronnie out to Hollywood and makes him a star nearly overnight by putting him in a starring role in his own reality show in which he is arrested every week.

    Like I said, there are many sidenotes in this story throughout the movie, most of which are hilarious, including a dog who eats vomit (aptly named "Fucked-up Dog"), a gory parody of Survivor, and a parody of Mary Poppins that includes animated animals and lots of use of the C-word.

    Like I said, this is the same people that did Mr. Show. While most TV show producers that are translated into movies end up feeling more free to try different ideas, the people who did Mr. Show had the opposite effect. Because they were on HBO and knew they were only reaching a small amount of people, they were free to do more or less whatever they want. However, once they were given a lot of cash and the prospect of reaching millions of moviegoers, they had to tone down the weirder, darker humor of Mr. Show. As a result, there are a lot of more mainstream jokes in here, though there is still a lot of the classic 'Mr. Show' humor. Overall, it feels like a slightly more mainstream version of Mr. Show.

    Some jokes fall flat, but more often than not, they hit the mark. There are some great celebrity cameos, among them are John and Rebecca Romin-Stamos, Ben Stiller (hilariously enthralled with the vomit-eating dog), Sarah Silverman, Dave Foley, Andy Richter, and R. Lee Ermery. It also had one line that had me in pain I was laughing so hard. I watched it with four of my friends, and we all had our own idea what was the funniest part, so I guess it would appeal to all sorts of people.

    It is rated R for lots of strong language and a lot of dark humor involving sex stuff and sort of graphic violence.

    Overall, I give it 3 1/2 stars out of 4.

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