Royal Absolutism

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    Your Imagination
    Please read the following excerpt with the voice of one of those ‘Animal Planet’ narrators talking about the life and times of some cute family of creatures…

    The chapter goes on:

    Shall we sue the Spanish or the English for all our problems?

    Let’s do the French!! Everyone hates them, and they were just as brutal colonialists!

    As beautiful as life and living on this planet can be…

    A simple fact that we can agree on is that brutal people using the sweat and blood of weaker groups of people built our civilization and much of our infrastructure. Our choices are two: dwell on the past or get over it and look to the future.

    When are we going to look forward instead of back? We, The People, of Planet Earth, as led by The People of Alaska, The People of Florida, The People of Hawaii and The People of 47 other Independent Nation States can bitch and moan and leave a mess for our kids to clean up, or we can build a planet that reminds us old-timers of “The Jettsons”.

    When history speaks so blithely of “…the European Nations intensified their competition for overseas possessions…” why do we fail to remember that in the 16th, 17th & 18th centuries the “Nations” in Europe were families. Specifically, they were the families that were brutal enough to land on the top of the “haves” pile in their geographic region at the end of the 15th century. That is what ‘Royal Absolutism’ is. The family with the most resources to pay for the best military gets to call the shots.

    Does anyone out there believe that the wealth collected by very specific families over the last 400 years is not being used today to control the resources of this planet, as best it can? What is the price of gas these days?

    The wealthiest Earthlings are not going to give up their cash-flow without a struggle. It has never happened and it never will. It has been a while since the last big revolt on this planet because The People get a little more control over their own lives with every one. So far, the culmination of civilizations struggle between the profits of brutality and the rights of individuals has been in the American Experiment.

    As good as it is on paper, is anyone out there naïve enough to believe that the wealth born from the European domination of this planet during the 17th and 18th centuries was just handed over to the masses as a result of the American Experiment?

    The difference in the American Experiment is that for the first time in Western history some wealth has been spread to many families. The resource controlling wealth from the last 400 years is not going to just give control of the government, even in America, to the people they consider their subjects… Would any of us in the same position?

    When will We, The People Of The USA and The People of Europe successfully reign in our wealthiest citizens in their desire to control the world’s resources?

    American history is point by point coverage of wealth trying to build wealth with varying degrees of success. Government has ALWAYS been a tool of the wealthy to make and keep wealth. The “purchased and paid-for” democratic and republican political parties that keep us squabbling over the passionate but pointless issues instead of discussing a fair way for us to tax all Americans are proof of this.

    Will either Obama or Big John have the stones to send troops to the first state where 55% of the population learns the definition of the word “State”?


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