Rossi Rival to Announce Cold Fusion/LENR Findings

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    Rossi Rival to Announce Cold Fusion/LENR Findings
    Posted on November 17, 2011
    Scientist Brian Ahern of the Ames National Laboratory will announce his findings and theory on cold fusion/LENR* on December 7 in New York City. Recently he has been working with Dr. George Miley’s group at the University of Illinois and, as reported here on these pages, the results have been steadily improving. Mr. Ahern has been providing the nano-materials for the Miley experiments.
    Mr. Ahern states “In 1995 we made a major and fundamental discovery regarding nano-material properties. This almost completely unknown to most technologists. All materials processed within certain tolerances experience very different vibrational modes than all other aggregations of matter. IT PROVIDES A CONCISE EXPLANATION FOR THE BIOENERGETICS OBSERVED IN ALL ASPECTS OF NATURE.”

    “In the last 8 weeks I have been astounded by a superior nanotechnology that will capture the imagination of even the greatest foes of LENR. I believe all of LENR is just a new and unanticipated form of nanomagnetism.”
    For source of the above quotes and further reading, see this link.
    Interestingly, Mr. Ahern has been a very vocal critic of Andrea Rossi as of late, accusing him of fraud on more than one occasion on the pages of the New Energy Times. Those are odd charges coming from a man who has been working on similar technology and is now poised to announce it to the world. There has been much speculation as to why Steven Krivit of the New Energy Times has echoed these charges and has allowed them to be repeated on the pages of his blog. It has been felt by some observers, including myself, that he had lost his objectivity and was siding with fellow Italian researcher Francesco Piantelli in the upcoming race to bring cold fusion to market. It now appears that there was indeed an agenda but apparently that was to support Mr. Ahern’s work and, by extension, Dr. Miley’s work, seemingly at the expense of Mr. Rossi.

    Let me categorically state that I will make every effort not to take sides as competing parties work to bring this technology to market. I for one am glad that this technology will be brought to the world by more than one source. Given the announcement of Defkalion Green Technologies of Greece that they will soon be bringing products to market, and the ongoing work of nickel-hydrogen pioneer Francesco Piantelli, that brings to at least four the number of groups that are now seeking to bring cold fusion/LENR to market. These sentiments are echoed in the About section of this blog, which I posted several months ago, although admittedly I was unaware of the progress of Mr. Ahern and Dr. Miley at that time.
    However, the recent efforts to discredit Mr. Rossi by Mr. Krivit and Mr. Ahern I find objectionable and inappropriate, regardless of the context, and perhaps because of it. It reminds me of Edison’s efforts to discredit Nikola Tesla in the battle of the currents around the turn of the last century. Hopefully no elephants or dogs will be electrocuted in this process, as Mr. Edison is famous for doing in the race of the currents. Mr. Rossi spoke of Krivit as being “a snake” in his attempts to discredit him since July and those statements have to be viewed in this context.

    I will provide more details of this exciting race to market on this site as things unfold.
    *Of note, Mr. Ahern is of the camp that absolutely refuses to call the phenomenon “cold fusion” and prefers LENR, or low-energy nuclear reaction.

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