Ron Paul's State Approach would be a better choice for Social Cons than Santorum's

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Late2TheParty, Feb 13, 2012.

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    First up, I think Obama is going to win regardless who is thrown up against him this year. Simple incumbent advantage and all that. Mediocre and worse politicians of all levels and stripes have benefitted from this fact.

    Santorum's brand of social conservativism, namely making rules nationally, simply won't fly in this counry.

    With Paul, leaving it to the states, is about the only way I see of getting abortion rules tightened in at least some areas, the bible belt and such.

    I think Santorum is probably a better speaker and all that, and I'm saying this as someone firmly opposed to social conservativism, as I see it as big government, but I don't see the social con agenda winning the entire US any time soon so why not try a more limited approach that has some results?

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