Ron Paul’s chanches and odds

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    How did Ron Paul do the last election 2008? Did he have more or less support?

    Ron Paul is also about to become a global superstar.

    On google search he gets more hits than Barack Obama:
    Ron Paul:856 000 000
    Barack Obama:821 000 000
    Newt Gingrich:392 000 000
    Santa Claus:353 000 000
    Mitt Romney:339 000 000->Romney is not bigger than santa claus.

    The odds for Paul is getting better every month, Gingrich with a falling trend after the corruption with freddie mac. Romney in a stable lead and favourite all the time.

    The odds for the GOP candidates on William Hill:
    Mitt Romney:1.5->Stable lead and favourite. Romney seems unbeatable.
    Newt Gingrich:3->Going down, negative trend. Corrupt
    Ron Paul:6->Positve trend, sailing up as the main challeneger for Romney.
    Huntsman:14-> Positive trend, can he be an outsider?
    Perry:25-> No chanche? Falling trend

    Ron Paul has lowered his odds every month, Gingrich odds has become higher after the corruption with Freddie Mac was presented. The corruption scandal with Gingrich and the sex-scandal with Cain opened for Paul. Perrys odds increased when he had to explain which federal government he wanted to cut and attacking gays.

    Rick Perry and Bachman had low odds some months ago, but Ron Paul is sailing up as the main challenger for Romney. Gingrich will be an easy bait for the democrats because of the corruption.
    Why can’t he explain how he got 1.6 million $ for some "strategic advices", and why does a bank use a historian to give them advices? And 1.6 million $ for some "advices".

    So can Ron Paul sail up and challenge Mitt Romney that is the clear favourite, and is it over for Gingrich after the corruption with Freddie Mac? Romney however seems strong and has no big scandals yet.......?

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