Ron Paul Supporters check this out Don't believe the landslide for Mitt

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    And here's why.

    I finally found the PDF for the 7News/Suffolk poll that everyone has been putting up screaming headlines for the Romney landslide.


    One big problem with the poll. All the questions were fair and square. Only one hiccup.

    And I'll put up the PDF link. You have to check out the age groups they polled. Only
    10 % and let me say that again only 10% polled were in the 18 to 34 age group.

    If I'm not mistaken, that's Dr. Paul's base.

    Now I know that an online poll isn't statistical, but he just won the online poll at the actual New Hampshire Primary website.

    I have no dog in this hunt but I was suspicious about the polling from Boston and the other group that was quoted was Magellan and the RNC are major clients.

    Here's the PDF for the Suffolk University poll

    And here's the link to the NH Primary website with Dr. Paul winning

    2012 New Hampshire Primary

    Don't let the headlines fool you ever.
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