Romney and China

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeB131, Oct 23, 2012.

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    I thought Obama did a good job schooling Romney on China, but there's a point I hope he hits on harder in the next few days.

    Despite Bain Capital having pioneered outsourcing to China, Romney is now against China and condemns her as a currency manipulator. Ummmm.... Okay. right.

    The problem is not China per se. Oh, it's a horrible regime and I'm glad I don't live there, and you should be, too.

    But the problem isn't China. The problem is Companies like Bain and manufacturers who move their factories there to take advantage of cheap labor, lax environmental laws, and low safety standards. And when a "conservative" (you are nothing of the sort, Mitt) says that we need to be more "competitive", they usually mean American workers accepting less and putting up with more in bad air, bad water and unsafe workplaces.

    China is not the problem. American companies and European companies are. this isn't like the 1970's, where Japan aggressively pushed its products onto the market, using tactics such as dumping to get a slice of the market and putting some companies out of business altogether.

    This is a designed strategy by American and Western companies to undercut their own working class by taking advantage of China's bad behavior. Guys who give Mitt a lot of money and know he doesn't mean most of what he says.

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