Romney accused of plagiarizing slogan, will he be sued?

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    "That's Americans. We have clear eyes - we know what we believe. Full hearts - we love this country and we can't lose. This is a time for Americans to make a choice. We're going to take back this country."

    The Romney campaign has also used the slogan on their Facebook page

    On Friday, the Hollywood Reporter posted a letter (.PDF) on its site, which was sent by Berg to the Romney campaign. In the letter, Berg wrote:

    "Your politics and campaign are clearly not aligned with the themes we portrayed in our series. The only relevant comparison that I see between your campaign and Friday Night Lights is in the character of Buddy Garrity -- who turned his back on American car manufacturers selling imported cars from Japan."

    Writer-director of 'Friday Night Lights' accuses Romney of plagiarizing slogan - San Francisco TV |


    Bain’s interest in China dates to when Mr. Romney ran the firm. During a panel discussion at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston in February 1998, he told of touring an appliance factory in China where 5,000 employees “were working, working, working, as hard as they could, at rates of roughly 50 cents an hour.”

    Not long afterward, a Bain affiliate, Brookside Capital Partners, acquired about 6 percent of Global-Tech Appliances, whose factory in many ways matched Mr. Romney’s description. The next year, Brookside and another Bain-related entity increased their stake to 9 percent, before selling their shares in 2000.

    Just before Bain bought shares, a French firm accused Global-Tech of stealing its deep-fat fryer design. In a decision affirmed by the Supreme Court in 2011, the company was found to have willfully violated the French firm’s United States patent, selling the knockoffs even after it was sued.

    During the retraining, the American flag flying over the Freeport, IL plant was removed and replaced by the Chinese flag.

    Romney has significant investments in Sensata as well as in other corporations in China; and he has gotten tax breaks from outsourcing jobs to China–including the Sensata jobs. Yet, during his debate with President Obama on October 3, Romney had the nerve to claim he didn’t know the U.S. gives tax breaks to outsourcers.

    Why Isn’t Mitt Romney Getting Hammered on the Bain-Sensata Story? « Sky Dancing


    I think it's disgraceful how Republicans overlook this guys business dealings. Every time you turn around, he has been involved in one scandal after another. Republicans say as long as he's not charged with a crime, it's OK!

    Take a look at the Marriott tax scam. Romney tried one of his tax schemes and they got hit with a 220 million dollar fine. But Republicans say, "It's OK. He wasn't charged so he didn't do anything wrong".

    They vote this guy into office and he will do to them what he has done to others, including his dog.
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    While one may freely repeat statements from government report or repeat well known facts (such as Texas is in South of US or today is Monday) without making reference to source of knowledge, you may not repeat original statement of another person without permission or citing source; else you are guilty of plagiarism. If Mitt Romney's camp failed to credit the source of borrowed statements, then the source can very well sue for damages.

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