Rocky Mountains High. . .Foretting To Know Them, Clearly Forgetting All About Them!

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    "Rocky Mountains High. . . . .Colorado! Minnesota Too. . .And The GOP-MO!"

    Santorum sweep changes GOP presidential race -

    Even now more emerging, as a GOP Vice-Presidential contender: Is the absence of Romney and Gingrich maybe for a whole week in February! So out of six states, only one GOP contender for the presidential nomination has won four states. Even Ron Paul is winning delegates.

    Apparently the economy is really on the mend!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Post Reagan Trajectory, the U. S. was set to Default. Clintons Intervened! Post Reagan Trajectory Two, the U. S. was set to Default! The rudderless Boehner/Tea Party GOP was clearly on board. . . .And still seems to be-a-so! Hmmmm!)
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