RNC(?): "And So Obama Parted The Waves, 'Let My Bitter Clingers Flee & Protest(?)!'"

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    Australia famously became a part of the protest pattern, following the hate-crime film clip, inciting the riots in the government-devoid new regimes in the Middle East. At last reporting, Romney-Ryan would appear to place Australia, however, smack dab in the center of the Middle East, Obama foreign policy having failed there(?)! Australia is about to fail: Easily According to Romney-Ryan!

    Australia actually found Al Qaeda type extremists involved, and treated them like violence-prone extremists. Australia actually has a functioning government, in charge.

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    Romney-Ryan have utterly failed to suggest that a "protest" does not involve an attack on a national embassy. Romney-Ryan have failed to acknowledge that literally, tens and hundreds--and not hundreds of millions: Were involved in the protests. Romney-Ryan, and RNC, have failed to support all efforts to contain the protests. Romney-Ryan have no apparent clue, like the Bush-Cheney bunch, about the real roll of Al Qaeda. No clue did they have, in fact, of the whereabouts of any of their leaders.

    The next likely phase of Romney-Ryan's foreign policy assessment will be about the Weapons of Mass Destruction, in Mongolia.

    Obama actually knows a thing or two about, "Bitter Clingers," reliant on their religious-fantasies, and their guns. Obama has had occasion, in fact, to have his views aired on the subject, and famously in public. He was not even at a mansion in France, at the time!

    So America actually has in Obama: The Right fellow in the Right place at the Right Time!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Tribal Councils on Lands of Many Nations: Shown in control of film clip protests. Still not honored at GOP for non-violent approach!)

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