Ringer TV show, and cancelled shows without endings

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Ariux, Apr 26, 2012.

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    I just finished watching the last episode of Ringer. It's not a great show, but it's watchable. The last episode ended with a girl posing as her twin confessing to her husband that she's not really his wife. Even though they love each other, he leaves her after hearing the confession.

    If there were a season two, they'd get back together. And, some loose plot ends would be addressed. But, there won't be a season 2. No, it hasn't been cancelled yet, but duh.

    This brings me to one of my big (not biggest) annoyances with Hollywood. They'll leave the show without an ending. They could throw together one more episode to tie everything up, but they won't. A proper finale would even bring in good ratings, but it still won't happen. They could give this, and other one-season shows a proper ending and repackage them as mini-series (edit out some fluff, etc.), and make some money, but it still won't happen.

    Hollywood does this over and over, create shows, only to have them end in mid-plot. It really discourages me from getting started with new shows (less money for Hollywood, but they'll still leave viewers hanging). I think in the future, I'll wait until a show runs a couple of seasons before I start watching. I can catch up on back episodes.
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    Shows used to end seasons with a happy ending, conflict resolved and everything. But more recently shows have left seasons with cliffhangers in order to keep the viewer through the next season.
    I remember when the show Everwood was insure of it's next season pick up they filmed 2 endings to the season, one if it was renewed and one if it wasn't. One of the smartest decisions the show's producers made. The show wasn't picked up and it ended in a very satisfactory manner. More shows should do this (despite the production cost) if they are in danger of not being renewed IMO. Or networks should back a one or two episode extension in order to tie up loose ends. But that's all in a nice fantasy land...

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