Rigging the Election

Discussion in 'USMB Breaking News' started by Mrs. M., Oct 21, 2016.

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    And I demonstrated where Mitt Romney got larger crowds than Mr. Trump. He lost in a landslide losing 10 of the 11 states that were in competition.

    The funny thing about large crowds is this. Trump is a comedian; an entertainer. Only the most child-like among us believe that he has any political chops. Mexico will not pay for the wall that will never be built. The acquisition of land alone would be cost prohibitive and likely time consequential toward any approval Congress may have granted (meaning that it would span the 2018 election if enacted before then and the new Congress can fund/not fund it. The “round up” of brown skinned people only appeals to the sad folks who believe your worth is dictated by your skin color.

    He has no political leg to stand on. Its entertainment. If I had to choose to go to a HRC event or a Trump event, I may well go to the Trump event too. It’s fun…

    Unfortunately, where you woefully miss the point is that voters take this seriously. He doesn’t. The people at the Trump rallies, by and large, do not. Many (like his kids) didn’t even know how to register to vote for him. Many are probably too bent out of shape that they may be called for Jury Duty if they registered to vote.

    Persons at events do not equal votes. Sorry to spoil your fantasy.

    Sanders did not win anything of the sort. You’re simply spitballing with that moronic comment.

    I’m sure Ms. Clinton will be unavailable for the next 8 years.


    You mentioned my “being worried”. I giggle at the suggestion. The reason? Trump is on his 4th campaign manager and she seems to know less about running a campaign than the average Jr. High School class president. Here is his itinerary for the next few days:

    Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 8.12.28 AM.png

    He is losing badly in PA and doing even worse in VA. Yet he is still spending time there (even though his ad buys were cancelled???).
    Before this he was in ME and NH. He won’t win there either.

    Politics is a profession; best left to the professionals. With amateurs running the campaign and an amateur candidate, I knew it was over when Kasich bowed out. The only mystery is the margin and if HRC would “step in it” as she could do at any moment.
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    Dr. Norpoth's 'scientific' model is inaccurate as well be realized on the 8th.

    Please don't leave the Board, Mrs. M. :lol:
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    Heh heh heh! Using an outdated mathematical formulae to predict political outcomes is unwise, M'am. Norpoth didn't control for changing demographics and the misogynist Trump factor. The most prominent element of all in Trump's impending defeat is in-alienation of every one except RW extremists wishing for a return to the 1950s. A new, updated mathematical model ..specific to Donald Trump, needs to be calculated. His campaign rhetoric has skewed the math used by Norpoth.
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    Never coming back until I touch the midnight sun

    I'd rather you didn't.


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