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    The fictional masked urban vigilante Batman (DC Comics) deals with a host of 'super-villains' who display degrees of criminal insanity in a fictional place called Gotham City.

    These 'nemeses' of Batman include Scarecrow (a masked maniac wielding fear-toxins), Penguin (a ghoulish crime-master), Poison Ivy (a seductive eco-terrorist), and Riddler (a mind-game 'specialist').

    Batman tries to decode patterns of urban terrorism and untangle the eerie crime-labyrinths that these nemeses create in Gotham.

    Batman represents a modernism paranoia regarding urbanization mismanagement, and his nemeses represent a failure in civics objectivity.

    The Riddler, in particular, represents some modern age urbanization anxieties regarding logistical 'reliability' of civics sanity and bureaucracy efficiency. The Riddler confounds people about pedestrian 'networks,' and Batman is even 'riddled' by the Riddler's use of mind-games to create traffic vertigo/confusion.

    If Batman symbolizes law and order, then Riddler represents terrorism and anarchy.

    We can therefore use Batman and Riddler (and his 'maze-like lair') to evaluate modern 'traffic theosophy.'

    Such evaluations inform our analysis of modern etiquette.

    We can reflect on the 'value' of such contemplation in our commerce-disorienting 'TrumpUSA.'

    After all, doesn't traffic-obsession (e.g., Wall Street) require dystopian discussion?

    That's the real difference between democracy and communism --- free-speech!

    Isn't it funny how political cartoons always cheer us up about 'governance tedium'?


    RIDDLER: Welcome to my lair, Batman...
    BATMAN: I see you've designed a giant 'mind circus' (complete with lights!).
    RIDDLER: I despise 'society' and 'commerce' and 'traffic,' and you are Gotham's 'slave.'
    BATMAN: I'm only a messenger of civic duty.
    RIDDLER: Do you think patriotism in this modern age of profiteerism is honorable?
    BATMAN: Service to your fellow man is vital in any 'age.'
    RIDDLER: Well, welcome to the Age of Money, Batman.
    BATMAN: Are you so cynical about Wall Street, the United Nations, and Burger King?
    RIDDLER: Do you realize how 'convenient' gluttony is in the modern age?
    BATMAN: Cholesterol-culture has nothing to do with terrorism...
    RIDDLER: Why do you think the Taliban attacked the World Trade Center on 9/11?
    BATMAN: There are many anti-Western sentiments boiling down to terrorism!
    RIDDLER: The Taliban (like me) are but 'messengers of insanity.'
    BATMAN: Your only purpose is to confuse people about bureaucracy congestion (you're insane!).
    RIDDLER: What's the difference between a lunatic and a 'Devil's Advocate' in an age of piracy?
    BATMAN: This 'lair' of yours is designed to make the mind feel overwhelmed by perception-stimulation.
    RIDDLER: When you surf the Internet, change television channels, or go shop-crazy, aren't you 'burdened'?
    BATMAN: Consumerism is not related to malice...
    RIDDLER: What's so honorable about a U.S. President (Donald Trump) who used to be a casino-mogul?
    BATMAN: Americans value shrewdness towards finance-based governance!
    RIDDLER: Just think of this (before you arrest me) --- In my 'lair,' what do you prefer (power or prestige)?


    Riddler's Lair (Wiki)


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