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    The date of the OWC march yesterday had significance....November 17.....or N17....

    "N17 Mass Direct Action".....a phrase directly from the Occupy website....
    Poster for N17 Mass Direct Action: Print and Post Freely! |

    ...from the Council on Foreign Relations: “November 17, Revolutionary People’s Struggle, Revolutionary Struggle (Greece, leftists)” is “A radical, leftist Greek terrorist group, also known as 17 N or N 17” who aims to launch “an anti-capitalist popular uprising against the Greek middle and upper-classes.”

    When is the last time you heard someone say “we have our Christmas party on D22.” “I was born on F9.” Who says “N17” for November 17th? Is that common here in America?

    I know their public excuse for the “direct action” is two months of “occupation.” I understand that is what they are saying publicly. But, this is just the leadership of this group honoring a bunch of their heroes with a subtle tip of the cap. The true believers get a chuckle while the useful idiots march in solidarity with something that they don’t understand.


    Occupy Wall St. honors Communist terrorist group with new protest – Glenn Beck

    What is November 17?
    A radical, leftist Greek terrorist group, also known as 17 N or N 17, with a tiny membership and a loathing for America, the West, and capitalism. Most anti-terrorism experts think the organization has no more than twenty-five members—many of them related to one another, which may explain why the group was able to operate secretly and securely for almost three decades. But in July 2002, amid mounting pressure to track down terrorists before the 2004 Olympics, Greek authorities made a major breakthrough and began arresting November 17 members. In December 2003, Greek courts dealt November 17 a crippling blow as fifteen members of the group were convicted of various crimes including homicide; the leader of the group and several key operatives were given multiple life sentences.

    What are November 17’s goals?The group, which espouses communism, has continued its anti-Western stance after the Cold War. November 17 bitterly opposes Greek participation in NATO. It also favors ousting U.S. military bases from Greek territory, severing Greece ’s ties with the European Union, removing the Turkish military presence from Cyprus , and launching an anti-capitalist popular uprising against the Greek middle and upper-classes. In December 2000, after killing a British general, the group released a communiqué defending itself against mounting public criticism by trying to appeal to populist, pro-Serb sentiments and urging Greeks to defy the government’s counterterrorism efforts.

    November 17, Revolutionary People’s Struggle, Revolutionary Struggle (Greece, leftists) - Council on Foreign Relations

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