Revising the american rules of war

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    The US has fought at least five major wars and a number of smaller actions since wwII, none following declarations of war. Congress should pass a resolution that they will no longer support wars unilaterally launched by a US president, without a declaration.

    In times past, the opponents in wars have been nation states. But that is no longer necessarily the case, notably in the case of al qaeda. The US needs to recognize that such organizations are highly likely to be opponents in wars in the future, and the declaration of war should be expanded to include war against organizations.

    The US should no longer tolerate the behavior of guerrilla forces, not in uniform, who kill and then blend back in with civilians. The US executed german combatants captured out of uniform in a war theater in wwII. The US should announce that any such troops involved in combat against the US must wear uniforms or easily identifiable distinctive insignia. Failure to do so would make an enemy combatant eligble for a battlefield execution.

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