Return to Castle Wolfenstien: Operation Resurrection

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Captain_Steel, Jun 21, 2004.

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    I call it Return to Wolfenstien for short. Quite simply, the best frickin game I've ever played. Got it last fall. Beat it in march of this year.
    It is what they call a first person shooter. You run, search, solve little puzzles, and above all shoot the hell outta nazis AND nazi zombies, all the while with beautifully done graphic backgrounds and 3D environments.
    This game has it all: WWII, a little bit of science fiction, authentic weapons, and BEAUTIFUL graphics. The game is very challenging and can get tedious but when you beat it you feel like the frickin man afterwards.
    There are so many levels, and so many environments. In total there are around 40 levels. And the levels take about 20 minutes each to beat. But that's if you don't die at all. Normally, it will take you anywhere from one hour to several hours for each level. And just think, there are around 40 levels. That is alot of hours of gameplay.
    This game is for serious players only. Casual gamers may find it overly complicated and frustrating.
    My recommendation is: BUY IT!!

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