Debate Now Resolved: Times are changing and people are getting wiser

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    Thread rules:
    1. Using one of the terms just below, state your position with regard to the entirety of resolution in the thread title (you'll have to decide for yourself whether you lean more one way than the other and choose accordingly):
      • Affirmative
      • Negative
    2. Present an argument for your position. Do not argue against the position you did not choose. To wit:
      • If you stated "affirmative," you must present an argument that supports both assertions in the title -- that is to say, your argument will be that "times are changing" and "people are getting wiser."
      • If you stated "negative," your must present an argument that refutes both assertions in the title -- that is to say, your argument will be that "times are not changing" and "people are not getting wiser."
    3. Only after you've presented your own argument for your position, may you question, assail, challenge, refute, etc. other members' argument(s), but you must have posted your own argument that can also be assailed, questioned and challenged by others.
    The point of all the rules is to ensure that everyone must take a clear and unequivocal position and in turn have put at risk of scrutiny, attack, questioning, etc. their own ideas in support of their position. A central intent behind the rules is to deny "trolls" the ability to show up in the thread and just start throwing stones at the one or two or handful of people who taken the time to offer substantive remarks that derive from their having thought coherently about the resolution and then expressed their thoughts.

    FWIW, the inspiration for the thread resolution was this:
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