Resheq to Abbas: Resign as long as you are incapable to resist pressures

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    DAMASCUS, (PIC)-- Ezzat Al-Resheq, a member of Hamas's political bureau, called on de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to step down from all his posts as long as he cannot withstand the Zio-American pressures or protect the Palestinian rights and constants.

    In a statement to Quds Press, Resheq underscored that the decision to participate in Washington talks did not reflect the majority will of the Palestinian people and their political actors including 11 factions, three of them are members of the Palestine liberation organization (PLO).

    He added that Abbas's decision to enter into direct negotiations with Israelis while being isolated from the majority of his people further vindicated that he yielded to the Zio-American conditions, and thus he cannot be trusted over the Palestinian cause and its constants.

    Palestinian professor of political science Abdelsattar Qassem had also told Al-Jazeera satellite channel a few days ago that the only reason for the PA's decision to engage in face-to-face talks with Israelis was that its leaders are no longer able to abandon the life of luxury sustained by Israelis and the American administration.

    Resheq to Abbas: Resign as long as you are incapable to resist pressures

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