Republicans & Democrats Coming To Grips With The 47% Of Bitter Clingers(?)

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    In the original UN version(?), there was supposed to be an Independent Israel and an Independent Palestine. Now there are actually 9 votes against a Palestinian presence at the United Nations, including votes of both the United States and Israel. Notably, the two major political parties of the United States also nominated: The two from the Ivy League to run the executive administration--to partake of the tens of millions of dollars worth of annual perks that includes(?). . . .among anything else that might come up.

    The CIA came to light, during the campaign: Which also keeps track of the world(?), Unless it doesn't(?). In the link, Israel over-regulates Palestine, which has poverty and unemployment rates at about 40% apiece. That would not be said actually socialist, but would be said more or less imperial/authoritarian/totalitarian.

    So when anyone looks at the Palestinians, are these also the 47% of the Bitter Clingers: cited by the Ivy League? The Ivy League famously does conduct private--"seminars" about how people live. . .and only for rich people!

    The 47% of the Bitter Clingers, now known of Ivy League sociology: Were variously thrown out of their housing in the foreclosure crisis, lost their life savings in the crash, and then lost their jobs in the "Great Recession.'' Then there is however Israel explains Palestine.

    Looking about the earth, and specifically at the Middle East and at the U. S. Middle Class, then anyone notices that some people are born to learn to think that such states of affairs are all wonderfully normal. In Israel, the apparent source of learning is religion. In Hawaii. . .there is. . .well. . .a Punahou School(?), and where they can read about Karl Marx. . .like some people I know. . .personally(?). . .and a lot older(?)(!). Certainly they learn about that at Sidwell Friends School. . .where they are presumably doing a fast track to the Ivy League. There are other schools like that.

    It is not entirely certain that anyone even shows up for class at Yale University, much less at the National Guard--which does. . .Israeli kinds of things(?). . .mainly when blacks get uppity(?). Probably the Bush family would even suggest, "Don't Go There," by which they do not mean, Yale University(?).

    And so therein anyone sees the Republicans and the Democrats. They even put the stuff they believe in on Youtube! Then they seek votes for it, as a part of the blessings of democracy and freedom! Many might conclude that the northeastern hurricane, made better sense. Utah celebrates the seagulls(?). More likely any locusts just drowned, in the Northeast Hurricane. At the very least, they all washed away. The Democrats and the Republicans seem to have made it a bi-partisan matter. That likely makes sense to the Ivy League. . .and to certain others.

    Just like the concept of the 47% of Bitter Clingers: Life is really like that, after all!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirrred!"
    (Many come to Lands of Many Nations(?)! While Others Avoid Coming To Lands of Many Nations(?)--Not quite yet voted U. N. Membership. . .Is all!)
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