Republicans block Veterans’ Jobs Bill to get at President Obama

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    Veterans' Jobs Bill Blocked in the Senate -

    Some Republicans, five of whom voted for the bill, also seemed disappointed about the failure of legislation that had the veneer of bipartisan support. “These men and women have worn our uniform, shouldered the burden and faced unthinkable dangers in forward areas during a very dangerous time,” Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said.

    The vote was met with a strong rebuke from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. “Once again, this Congress let partisan bickering stand in the way of putting thousands of America’s heroes back to work,“ said Paul Rieckhoff, the organization’s founder. “Lowering veteran unemployment is something both parties should be able to agree on – even in an election year.”

    Republicans Block Veterans Job Corps Bill -

    It would be easier to admire the Republicans’ late-breaking fiscal scrupulosity if their motives — denying the Obama administration any kind of victory this year, whatever the cost to jobless vets — weren’t so transparent. It’s probably useful to remind Republicans like John McCain (a “nay” on the jobs bill) that wounded, jobless and homeless veterans aren’t a fact of nature. They’re a product of the wars that Congress members voted for, the war debt they piled on, and the economy they helped ruin.


    I'm sure Republicans see those soldiers at part of the 47%. The "little people".

    Remember when Republicans held health care for first responders hostage?

    Remember when Republicans held unemployment hostage?

    Now they hold soldiers support hostage.

    And Republicans are so outraged when you compare them to enemies of America.
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    And USMB Republicans go on and on about how veterans support Republicans overwhelmingly.
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    It is so surprising that The Boehner's Congress isn't more popular.

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